Owners Corporations Guide to Owning Managing and Living in an Owners Corporation
SCA (Vic) Strata Community Australia (Vic)
CHUUA P/L Market Announcement Change to the definition of Flood 2013
Owners Corporations Regulations 2018
Schedule 2 - Model Rules for an Owners Corporation – Effective 2nd December 2018
Consumer Affairs Victoria
Owners corporation Guide 2008
Owners Corporation Regulations 2007
Subdivision Procedure Owners Corporations Amendment Regulations 2007
Preparing for the Owners Corporations Act (Committees & managers) CAV- November 2007


"I wanted to take the time to write and acknowledge your outstanding service. I often hear people talk around our office. People will say "I need a good Owners Corporation Manager, who you would suggest"...I have to say that 9/10 your name will be mentioned by one of the Property Managers."

"You have a brilliant reputation around our office as being prompt, thorough, helpful and willing to go above and beyond... Something we don't see every day from other Owners Corp Managers."

"It is with great pleasure that I can recommend Melbourne Body Corporate to anyone who is thinking of using their services. They always reacted and related to me in a very patient and very professional manner and got the job done."

"Since taking over the body corporate manager position, we have been very impressed with your service. You are always prompt and efficient at following up requests and are receptive to our needs as property owners rather than simply absorbing fees. Our body corporate continues to build stronger with your leadership. I would not hesitate to recommend your services."

"Leanne and Jacki have always been highly supportive in the activities I am involved in as a Committee member for our OC. I am confident when asking for assistance that they will work rapidly to understand the request fully and take action, which results in getting the information needed, when it is needed.
Leanne and Jacki also use their experience and network to highlight any challenges or risks in the tasks or decisions planned and to keep our OC running. This has been highly valuable, given I, like many owners involved in an OC I suspect, am a volunteer without OC experience, and new to many of the tasks I undertake.
Finally, in all my interactions with Leanne and Jacki, they have been great to deal with, had a can-do attitude, been responsive to our needs and shown a commitment to our property and its owners. Would be happy to recommend them!"
Chairman OC 6139
Robinson Road, Hawthorn

"I've dealt with your company many times before with other apartments I sell and gave always found you to be cooperative and very easy to deal with. Was an easy choice or recommendation as I feel your company is a standout among the many owners corporation managers there are.
Will definitely give you a call if I have any questions or queries."

"Our Owners Corporation is able to operate effectively with the support and advice of the MBCM team. I find that MBCM are a boutique management company establishing clear guidelines for the running of our OC within the Owners Corporation Rules and Regulations. Their team communicates promptly and effectively on all issues, offering advice where required and bringing to the table a wealth of experience, and professionalism. We have experienced a few major issues on site to deal with over the past few years and MBCM has helped navigate these issues to deliver a positive outcome for all Lot Owners.
Judith Benns."

"Having been actively involved with Melbourne Body Corporate Management since 2003 as a Committee Chairperson I have been extremely happy with the organisation and their staff.
There are no delays when a request is made for quotes or repairs.
MBCM are good communicators not only with the Committee chairperson but also individual owners when they raise an issue. We know what is happening and when.
There are always 2 staff involved with a property so if one is absent the other is fully aware.
I have previously recommended MBCM to another Owners Corporation who accepted.
MBCM have excellent PR.
Overall I am very impressed."

"MBCM have managed the on going property requirements in an efficient and capable manner over the recent period.
A complicated issue regarding substantial repairs and associated permit requirements has been well managed and is being followed through to completion.
This has taken substantial time and commitment and has been handled in a professional manner.
Leanne is thanked for her efforts and commitment to the project."
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